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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 10, 2009 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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sound production studio. blagojevich was paid for the performance. apparently, he really needed the money. we are closing down shop. bill o'reilly is at the top of the hour. we will see you tomorrow. "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: sean: and tonight in your america bad news for president obama. glen glen everything sunshine and lollipops green. greta: new rules bill billing as the president becomes nor leadership. the ratings for fox news skyrockets. meantime other networks are in trouble. bernie goldberg will amize. >> hear our voice. >> this is communism. >> get off of me. >> no, not in main. i want an answer right now. bill: no, no, no. bill: the controversy is not going away. americans are divided on health care and aarp is apparently siding with the president. we'll talk about the leader of that group. >> i called the police and they said it was legal so i just stopped wearing clothes. ♪ i'm free.
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bill: more madness in oregon. this woman says she will go naked in public and the cops are ok with it the culture warriors are investigating. >> adam and eve were naked until they ate bad food and then they got really self-conscious. bill: caution, you where to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching under the circumstances tonight. fox news explodes while the liberal media burns that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. last thursday was a huge victory for fox news. factor at 8:00 beat cnn by 380%. msnbc 247%. headline news 299%. total factor audience rate 5.4 million folks, more viewers than the cbs evening news averaged last month.
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beck, smith, greta, and the factor all won their time slots easily. last thursday those programs beat all four competitors combined. so why is this happening? well, a major reason is the health care debate. while the other network news down play the dissent and health care industry. fox news highlights the intense debate. when we cover the town hall meetings. we don't describe the protesters as loons. we don't denigrate people who disagree with president obama. that's the big difference between fox news and all the others. now, some liberals will say we intentionally glorify the protesters, that doesn't happen here. we have said there is no doubt some of the dissent is organized by people who dislike president obama. that's a fact. and we have reported it. the factor also gives voice to both sides. something you will never get on msnbc news. so, fair-minded americans know our report something honest while much of the other tv news media is simply in the tank for the in the president.
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you would think liberals would flock to hear their side propped up. that's not happening. they have to watch us if they want to know what's going on and they are in record numbers. talking points is not gloating, just reporting. but the massive viewership to fox news is a watershed moment in media history. there is no question anymore that fox news is now the most powerful voice in the news media despite unrelenting attacks from almost all other press organizations. the american people are not stupid. they know the health care deal is extremely important. they know the country is running up debt that could destroy the u.s. dollar. they know the president has not been able to explain why the health care plan is good for the country. most of the other media ignore those things. we do not. fox news is designed to be provocative, truthful, and look out for the regular folks. that's why our ratings are so dominant. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction to the memo and to dan rather saying president obama
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needs to clean up the media and, wow, i can't wait until the president comes in here and starts with the broom. joining from us north carolina. fox news analyst bernie goldberg. have you been surprised on the ratings in the summer which is historically a low ratings time for fox news? >> no. not really. let me explain very briefly why the ratings went through the roof last thursday. i was on the show in the lead segment. bill: that's true. >> but enough about me. enough about me. listen, roger ailes needs to send champagne and flowers to the presidents of the three network news divisions along with a nice little note that says: thank you for sending over all those viewers. because if they were doing their job, there wouldn't be the mass defections. now, look, conservatives came over to fox a long time ago, but you raise an interesting point here. why are the ratings, after you have got all conservatives, why do they keep going up? you're getting moderates and liberals, i think. and it's because health care is one of those few issues that
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directly, directly effects everybody. don't underestimate the power of word of mouth. there have been books written about the power of word of mouth. somebody hears something on fox on this show or some other show. they tell a friend and they say, the friend says i didn't know that because the friend is watching the cbs evening news or something. they come over to fox. i think that's what's happening. bill: ok. but the intensity of the health care debate really lit a fuse in this country because, for the first time, in memory, the minutemen protests was small. this is huge. so here we have pictures of regular folks going out right on the heels of the tee parties basically saying look, i don't understand the plan. i don't believe the federal government can implement the plan. i'm angry that it's being rammed down my throat. and fox news is reporting this accurately. we're where on the other networks they are mocking these people. particularly nbc, which is the
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worst. they mock them. and i think that americans, even if you favor obama care, don't want these people mocked. >> no, that's right. people want to see their values, if not reflected in the media, at least respected in the media. and what you just described is a disrespect of those viewers. so, if they -- look, because this issue effects them personally, they see the town hall meetings, and if those people are being called names, i'm telling you, bill, people are sitting at home not your usual viewers. they are sitting at home saying, wait a second. wait a second. i don't want a panel deciding if i should have an operation because i'm 85 years old or merely get a pill. and if they don't hear that, on abc or nbc or cbs, and they think they can get it on fox, because fox is giving that side
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of the story more weight, they are going to come over. and it's. bill: there is no doubt it's happening. it isn't a split anymore. it's a route. it's a rout. all the other big mouths on the other networks are going down in flames. it's really interesting to watch. >> it's fun to watch. bill: now, dan rather is very upset by. this he wants president obama to clean up the media roll the tape. >> a truly free and independent press, again, fiercely, independent when necessary is part of the red beating heart of democracy. this is why i say to you it's bigger than journalists, bigger than journalism. it's a societal problem of what's happening with our news. i personally encourage the president to establish white house commission on public media. >> number one, i don't
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understand beef with the news because it's 80% liberal and dan is a liberal. and, number two, i don't know what he wants obama to do. do you? >> >> what he is saying that the news business is in serious trouble and nobody pays attention when he or anybody else tells them that. so he wants a presidential commission to look into a, the problems of the news and, b, the solutions for the news. this is a terrible, a terrible idea. the most important role for journalism is to keep an eye on government. i don't want journalists and the white house getting too coziy. and what rather is suggesting. bill: it's too late, bernie. >> i know. bill: you wrote a book about it, man. >> i know. bill: it's too late. they already are cozy. >> i know. what rather is saying, what happens if this panel, by the way, decides to come up with a
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solution to this problem as a bailout for newspapers, like the g.m. bailout? rather says in this speech, i read the whole thing, rather says i'm not calling for a bailout. that's different from saying i'm against a bailout. so, what are we going to do then? disregard the results of the poll? look, let me make a personal note here about mr. sanctimonious dan rather. first of all, if dan is watching. dan, you know why the media is in trouble? because you put phony documents or unverifiable documents on the air 55 days before a presidential election. that erodes trust in media. when i wrote an op ed in the "wall street journal" about liberal bias in the news. what did mr. purity, dan rather do? did he want to have a discussion about it? no. he tried, unsuccessfully, but he tried to get me fired. so, this business about oh i'm so concerned about the news and
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we need to find out what's wrong with the news. you know what? we ought to have a presidential panel on hypocritical anchormen and dan rather can be the chairman of that panel. bill: bernie goldberg, everybody. thanks, bernie. next on the rundown, does the aarp want government to run health care? we will find out. later, this woman says she is going to run around naked all day long and the oregon cops ve no problem with it.
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bill: the nation's most powerful lobbying group for senior citizens aarp is perceived to be firmly behind president obama's health care vision. that's causing controversy. in dallas, for example, some aarp officials were confronted. >> i think we can all agree that the system we have now is sustainable. i also think we can agree that the current system can use some reform and improvements. >> no, we don't agree. >> no. >> excuse me, but i would really appreciate if everybody could keep their comments quiet until there is time for the public. we are going to have time for everyone to have questions and answers. i would appreciate some courtesy. you know what you? are not really running the meeting sir. i'm going to continue. excuse me. >> do you work for us or do we work for you. >> aarp does not endorse the legislation. [. >> i'm done.
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[ applause ] bill: that did not go well. with us now aarp legislative policy director david certner. it may not be fair but it is perceived that you have allied with barack obama on the health care issue. >> we have been strongly in favor of health care reform running up the last two years. we have not endorsed any specific piece of legislation right now. we really are intent on frying trying to fix the healthcare system and effect our members. bill: so aim. i want to fix the healthcare system and i believe it needs to be fixed. nancy pelosi writes a memo that they were going to partner up with aarp as planned a august recess p.r. blitz. i don't know if you want to be on the same side as nancy pelosi and say you still represent senior citizens. >> i'm not sure who wrote that
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memo. bill: why would she say that? >> certainly that's a big deal if nancy pelosi is going to put that in writing that the aarp is going to partner up with the democratic party. that's a big deal, is it not. >> we are not partnering with her. bill: did you make that clear with her. >> i think we have been working on w. members on both sides of the aisle bill will when she wrote the memo how did you respond? did you call her and say don't do that? >> i don't believe that memo ever came out. bill: yeah, did did. >> not that we have seen as. bill: last week human events reported on a memo described the plan partner with aarp pr blitz. >> that was a draft memo and when final memo came out it was not included. bill: did you call her and tell her not to include you. >> we have been talking with both sides. bill: your ceo gave $9,000 to barack obama. that's a big number. >> quite frankly people at aarp give to both sides of the aisle. bill: ok. but if barry rand is going to give him 9 k and pelosi is going
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to make that memo, you can see why the people in dallas are a little skeptical of the aarp? >> quite frankly, bill, our policy sessions are set by board of drerks and board is made up of republicans and democrats. we have been attacked by the right and the left. we try to represent our manipulate, we -- membership. bill: two concerns rationing of medical care in canada. you gotcha? >> we would reject that kind of health care in the u.s. bill: you couldn't wouldn't have any choice if the government takes over the system and there simply is not enough medical personnel to handle the elderly. >> we would not support a system where there was government takeover or rationed care. bill: you want to keep the healthcare system in private hands. >> we think there should be choices of public and private options. we are no would be with people -- bill: you want competition between public and private. >> i think that makes sense.
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bill: if the competition is skewed because the public money helps the government run. private insurance is going to bail out. >> that's part of the debate in washington over how to set up the system so there actually is competition. right now for example in the medicare program, people have a choice of between the traditional medicare plan or some the private companies within medicare. we support that we think it's a good idea to have competition and have that choice. bill: i think it can be worked out but not in the present form. i don't think anybody understands what this bill is going to do. you have read the whole bill, more than 1,000 pages. >> i have read the whole bill. we have a team of people. it is complicated. that's why we have been doing town halls around the country. because we are trying to have give and take with people. bill: if you were in congress mr. setterner, -- certner, would you say yes? >> it's unfair question. bill: why? you read it. >> we have four different bills right now. four different committees. bill: the one that you read, the 1,000 pager. >> there is no final bill yet, bill there are a number of pieces there is a lot of pieces in these bills we like and quite
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frankly there are some we are not particularly fond of. bill: now, i'm worried about the overall efficiency of government. as you know, the fraud and medicare and medicaid iscolosal. why would you want the federal government to come in and run a national health care when california is bankrupt. they say massachusetts is doing well. we look at the numbers. it isn't. ok. why would you want it? >> well, let's talk a government-run plan because that's what medicare is as you know. by and large our membership membership likes medicare. there is not a perfect program. there are problems with it we are trying to improve drug coverage with n. it we think there is more fraud and waste than there should be. so some of the bills would help weed out which we think is a good thing. bill: you have confidence the government can do that. >> the government needs to do a better job than it's doing today. there is a lot of waste of money everybody knows we need to get out of system to hold down costs. bill: we appreciate you coming in. >> i appreciate the opportunity to come in and explain.
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thank you. bill: we would love to you vote in our new bill o' poll which asks you to make a prediction. will a new health care bill be passed this year? yes or no. bill o' next on the rundown, did you see my article in parade magazine yesterday about what president obama can teach america's kids? some people have viciously attacked me over the piece. later, nancy grace will be here. the queen of crime all the time will tell us why her presentation is worthy. comi so guess what. again, when i least expected it, my asthma symptoms came back. so this time, my doctor gave me symbicort to help control my asthma. it combines two medicines that help control inflammation and constriction. so i'm breathing more freely day and night, and that feels good to me. and symbicort is an asthma controller that starts to open my airways within 15 minutes. very unexpected.
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bill: personal story segment tonight. i hope you got to see my piece in parade magazine entitled what president obama can teach america's kids. all children should read this story. it's not political. but it contains very important messages for kids. however, and i knew it would happen. i have been attacked on both the left and the right for writing the story. for example, a commentator on the far left daily kos wrote: bill: there was this on my own web site on bill o' joining us now from los angeles
11:23 pm
radio talk show host leslie marshal in for juan williams this evening. and mary katharine ham. once again, i am misunderstood mary katharine on both sides. what say you? >> it's true. well, i don't have a particular problem with your piece. i think for me, actually, maybe the only thing i like about this administration is that barack obama's example in having him talk about fatherhood from the white house and being able to do that in a bill cosby sort of style without being pillaried by certain folks for doing it, i think is really powerful. i think it's the cheapest and most effective thing he has probably done thus far in his presidency. i'm with you there i would say as far as being attacked, i will put this out there. maybe the folks on the left and right who are partisans and don't know you like i and other contributors do as the teddy bear that you are see this column and think to themselves what is bill o'reilly up to. i would tell those folks that i think bill, unlike folks at certain elements of nbc who can go for eight years and not say a
11:24 pm
nice thing about the president, i don't think you are that guy. i think that's where this was headed. bill: well, i also think that there is a hatred for president obama as there was, leslie for president bush and once you get into the hate zone, then all thinking is clouded, correct? >> yes. it's not like your spin zone, right? no spin zone. we are looking at, bill, is you pointing out like you said something that isn't political. you look at a lot of americans fed up with people blaming their parents sorry sigmund freud. you look at parents who are not respect tofl their parents or adults. you luke at a guy barack obama hussein obama post 9/11. buy racial. black man running for president and done it. he i thinksit's admirable that you, we disagree ideologically. i may not agree with the guy politically. i have got to give him props where props are due. i commend him for. this and that's a good example for children. i wholeheartedly agree with you.
11:25 pm
i'm going to get a whole lot of heck for this later. bill: why would you get heck for that? see, what drives people who can take a nice article that everybody should clip out and hand to children, particularly children that are having trouble and say look these are lessons that you need. what drives people destroy that concept. why wouldwould they bother to do that? it's got to be hatred. >> i agree with you. you know, bill, i'm very fortunate to be on your show enough. people will say why do you do that show you? are a liberal, you are a democrat, you are a traitor, i will say honestly and this is not kissing your butt. i like bill. i respect bill. we don't agree but we don't disagree 100% of the time either. i think that's where most people are. we have areas where we overlap. i think you are pointing out an area where most americans do overlap. come on, anybody looks at this
11:26 pm
guy and respects him. bill: most americans reading this article would say it's a positive article. everything in it is absolutely true. not one word that isn't true and would help kids. mary katharine, what's the difference, mary katharine between the bush haters and we put up with them for eight years as you pointed out and the obama haters? what's the difference? >> well, i think there is a difference of degree at this point. we'll see how things go. but i would say also that i look forward to seeing folks on the left applaud people like bobby jindal and representative cowell in louisiana for their compelling personal narrowives and immigrant stories as we move forward and they perhaps have become more important figures. i don't think it happens as much going that way. the second thing is i would say that some the arguments with your piece may not be entirely hatred but folks saying, listen, obama does have great rhetoric on this issue. i think that actually is helpful in this case. but, on policy, he actually ends up feeding the grievance politics that lead to people not being raised in the way that he was and not succeeding.
11:27 pm
things like going immediately -- bill: that doesn't have any effect on children and children's psyche. that may be true. it may be true, ok? >> policy basis he can have an impact on kids. bill: it wasn't a policy based article. it wasn't barack obama. it was about the kids. >> they take that ball and they run with it and they make the argument. bill: they don't want to ever say look, just. >> it's a fair argument to say that he may be undercuts his rhetoric in some of his policy choices. without being hateful. bill: just as the bush haters would never say anything good about the president. even though he saved millions of lives in africa and protected us from al qaeda second attack. some in america will never say anything good about obama. >> i applaud folks who do it with bush and those who do that with obama. you got to be fair. >> with george w. bush i actually have said good things. i got heck for that, too. i agree with the him on illegal immigration. it comes down to it you said
11:28 pm
what the is the difference. they are doing so because they are right. on the left. but with obama there is actually a racial element that wasn't there with former president george w. bush. how horrific it is -- ladies, thanks very much. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. vicious comment about president obama being harmed. you won't believe what this nut said. then the culture warriors on an oregon woman who says she will run around naked and the police are fine with it we hope you stay tuned
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>> crime and punishment how much is too familiar reporting on horrendous activities. perhaps the highest profile crime reporter in the country is nancy grace on headline news who nightly exposes the horrendous crimes. author of the brand new book the novel "the 11th victim" about a psychology student whose girl friend is murdered. you covered the casey kayly anthony story almost every night. 206 times. this is the baby that was was murdered and her mother has been charged. worst crime. 206 times? >> yes. >> why? >> at the beginning of the -- as i call it to the mom case it was an unsolved missing child case. i immediately sond problems in
11:32 pm
the to the mom's story. did i not believe her story. it didn't make sense to me. after law school and graduate school at nyu, it all boils down to one thing, common sense. at the beginning i thought well maybe there is a chance to find the child. we stayed on the story. and the more we stayed on it, the more inconsistencies my staff and myself and others discovered until it was brought to light. and we have stayed on it and will stay on it until justice is served. bill: now it is in a court of law. do you feel that you and your program helped get the mother indicted? >> absolutely not. bill: so the authorities were going to get to the bottom of this anyway without nancy grace? >> however, in many cases our show has led to tips and in unsolved homicides. bill: like america's most wanted. >> yes, exactly. i only wish we could be that effective. i hope in some way it's impacted. but you know, mr. o'reilly, many times i have been asked don't you think you can taint a jury? no way. i only have two sill ba bells on
11:33 pm
that o.j. i was one of the idiots that predicted he would be convicted in the double murder. didn't happen. so, juries go into that juror room and they do what they think is the right thing. bill: i think so, too. i don't think a television program is going to change anything. >> they don't care what i'm saying. bill: i don't know though whether there is a line between -- we covered the casey anthony, kay lee anthony story. not nearly what you did. we gave the highlights of the story. we also said we thought the mother did it and all of that. but, when do you get into exploiting the horror of the crime? i'm just asking. >> mr. o'reilly, as long as there are developments in the story, then i will continue. >> what if you contrive them 20 times? >> i don't think they are contrived. if you review the record of what has happened in that case, television shows, or at least our show, does not create the facts. to the mom did that all on her own. and we reported it. bill: bored on it. >> goodness no. excuse me, cases that we cover
11:34 pm
are called tabloid, i beg to differ. as a crime victim myself and having prosecuted inner city atlanta nothing but felonies for decades i do not believe that unsolved homicides, missing children, drunk drivers that kill, wipe out families in one afternoon is tabloid. i don't believe that. bill: it's will he legitimate news. i don't have a beef with you. it's just how much you do. you referenced. >> bill, i believe. i believe we can make a difference. bill: all right. you want to sell your book, right you? referenced that you were a victim of crime because when you were 19 your fiance was murdered. shot to death. >> yes. bill: that is the linchpin of your novel. >> yes. there are four intersecting stories that go through the novel. one is about a female environmentalists on st. simons island, georgia. one is about a corrupt judge who is an amalgamation of many judges, trial and appellate that i knew. the other is a heroin haley
11:35 pm
dean. bill: that's you. >> loosely. she is a much better person than i can ever hope to be. she is actually framed for murder and i leave it at that. bill: listen it's a thriller, you don't want to give it away. when you are out in public, people, like you, right? you are considered a champion. >> sometimes they hate me. usually they like me. bill: are there people who like you? >> sure. bill: for what? you are an advocate for crime victims like watches. >> you know, you take a position. somebody is not going to like it. bill: you are not political. i'm political. >> now, if you buy the book, do you get this? look at this. >> that's special for you. bill: that's special for me. can i put it up on my wall nancy grace cutout doll. we wish you the best. >> i'm grateful to be here. thank you. bill: we come right back is the state of oregon going nuts? denying cancer treatments but will pay for ut nation shah. a vicious commennnnnntnn it's wt most for headaches.
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>> thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the culture warrior segment tonight the state of oregon is in a progressive secular strong hold. liberals professors outnumber conservatives by 14-1. now, we have a woman who goes by the name of ray from oregon city who says she wants to run around naked in public and also says the cops are fine with it.
11:39 pm
>> i called the police and they said it was legal. so i just stopped wearing clothes at home and i felt so much better. adam and eve were naked and everything was fine until they ate bad food and then they got really self-conscious. i stopped eating bad food a year ago i have been walking around i got to get something out of my car. i'm doing whatever feels right. if guy out there anyway i go out there naked. i'm spending time in the front yard. i'm doing whatever feels right. i'm just trying to heal. bill: with us now the culture warriors margaret hoover and gretchen carlson. the discussion here is not this poor woman who wants to heal. the mosquito season being here you are going to do a lot of healing. discussion carlson is children. so, say you are on this person's block and all of a sudden she is going out to the car to wash it, natural. >> in throrg is no law prohibiting this. so welcome to prohibiting. this growing up in oregon on a city bus when i was 6 or 7 years
11:40 pm
old i saw a man expose himself. i never forgot it. it effected me for life. can you imagine if you are a child who lives on this block where this woman is coming out in her front yard every day you? don't know the damage that possibly this is imposing on them. bill: what do you do with your kids? i mean, if this one is flouncing around. what do you do? >> what is the option that you move out of this community because this loon is also in your neighborhood? this is once again a situation where they defever to the one person's claim instead of the society that would disagree with this. >> what you have in person states is libertarian impulse. tied to the western tradition and manifested itself in a huge degree of tolerance. what's happened with this tolerance it's allowed the absolute fringe of modernism to flourish with this lady. my right to swing my arm stops at your nose. people, of the folks there at that neighborhood need to put your foot down and say no, we need to go to our city council, our district representative, whatever it is.
11:41 pm
because you know what, it is within your power. bill: there is no state law and you would have to see what the locals could do. but, look. i think you are right. i think the folks have got to go to the oregon city council and say, look, you have got to make an ordinance here of some kind to prevent her from doing it and enforce it we have a mayor in oregon, ok? who is a transgenderred guy. >> exactly. bill: now, he is walking around in high heels and they elect him mayor. there he is. now, he got censored for doing, you know, inappropriate things in front of kids. then we have in san francisco, protesters going into the catholic church during mass and ininterrupting the mass in a crazy situation. again, the children in the area see this stuff, carlson, you don't have any kids -- i'm sorry, hoover. you don't have any kids. do you discuss it with your children? what do you do? do you get angry? >> probably both. and then you go to your local -- you have to do something to change the laws.
11:42 pm
it is this tolerance that has led to this virnment where the social progressives have taken control. >> why is it left to the people have to have to go and do these things. we elect these people to do this kind of thing for us. >> if you don't like the laws it is your power and civic duty to change them. bill: obviously there in oregon city no one is there leading the charge. >> that's not true the city council -- bill: that's not oregon city. >> transgeneral -- transgendered mayor. bill: it's a different town. >> different town. bill: this is also in oregon. here we have an unbelievable situation. this happened in 2008, 64-year-old barbara wagner had lung cancer smoker. there was a drug that could have helped her oregon has the universal health care deal. the state said we will not pay for the drug, ms. wagner, but we
11:43 pm
will pay to kill you euthanasia. that's what the letter -- now she is dead. this woman died. what do you think about that. >> it certainly doesn't bode well for obama and the democratic -- public option. this is but another story. bill: not going to pay for the drug to keep you alive but we will pay to kill you. >> excuse me. >> why? >> because it's cheaper, that's why. >> is another story of exactly why state-run health care lacks humidity. bill: bureaucrats are going to go -- the woman did get the drug donated to her. >> she did. stood by after the fact. >> by who? >> by big pharma paid for her to have the drugs. that is the untold story here. >> guys, the bottom line with nationalized health care is the bottom line. that is what it costs. the drug to kill her in assisted suicide was $50. the drug to possibly keep her alive was $4,000. i say to you that is what
11:44 pm
national health care will be it will all be about the bottom line to. think that a human life is worth only $50 is a crime. bill: 64 years old. that's in the zone of you try to save them. if she is 84, out of here. out of here. >> oh, come on. you think we have to make that decision for somebody when they're 84? bill: i do think so? no. i'm telling you what the nationalized health care is going to do. >> the bottom line in this story is big bad farm that pharma had more compassion than oregon. bill: reality check leads with a vicious comment made about president obama and the possibility of the president being harmed. you are not going to believe what this guy said on all across the u.s.a. and all around the world. >>>>>>>>oñ
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11:46 pm
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11:48 pm
bill: reality check where the truth is spotlighted and deceivers changed. check one. things are getting more extreme on nbc air. a far left loon who said this. >> there is a whole public there who went out and stocked up on ammunition and guns thinking obama would take away their weapons. one such person shot down three policemen in pittsburgh. i would like to know exactly what glenn beck and fox news will say the morning after someone take as shot at our president or kills a senator or congressman. bill: now, that's stunning because nbc news stoked hatred against president bush for years as everybody knows. they said the most vial things
11:49 pm
about him and his administration. president bush had been harmed, would nbc cop to being responsible? when you hear that kind of rhetoric. the only thing to do is turn off the tv set or turn the channel. as mentioned nbc has collapsed in the ratings left wing lunancy is the reason why. check 2. today the white house announced a new web site called white slash reality check. well, check is both flattered and disturbed by that. web site is designed to fight rumors about health care which is ok if the rebuttals are true. check will be watching closely. we don't want our name empenned. check three sarah palin getting provocative writing on facebook she writes quote: the mercury know and love is not one in which my patients and baby with down syndrome will have to stand in line in front of obama's "death panel" so his bureaucrats can decide who gets care. ms. palin referring to fears
11:50 pm
that -- back of the line. upon healing sarah palin's comments howard dean said. this. >> about euthanasia. they are just totally erroneous. she just made that up. just like the bridge to nowhere. supposedly didn't support. there is nothing like euthanasia in the bill. i patrol car tisd medicine for a long time and, of course you have to have end of life discussions. the patients want that. there is nothing euthanasia is not in this bill. bill: as far as we can tell, sarah palin never mentioned youth nark shah. dean made it up to demean palin. dean does that all the time. and it's wrong. check four, whenever president obama's policies get in trouble, you can count on the race card being dealt. this woman, atlanta journal constitution columnist cynthia tucker was downgraded from editorial director said this about those opposing government-run health care. >> i think 45 to 65% of the people who appear at these groups are people who will never
11:51 pm
be comfortable with the idea of a black president. bill: never be comfortable with the eye of a black president. nothing to do with health care. but ms. tucker has been pedalling that kind of garbage for years. check 5 the democratic senatorial pain people have released this ad. >> >> stop spending our money! >> what makes you better qualified. >> just say no. just say no. bill: so, let me get this straight the left wing fringe mobs are organizing against the right wing fringe mobs. sounds like a world wrestling deal. check six the "wall street journal" is reporting that
11:52 pm
illegal aliens will be counted in the 2010 census and they will be considered illegal aliens. the same as u.s. citizens by federal authorities. that means more congressman people from the border states among other consequences. obviously this should not happen. and finally, check seven. it's august and it's hot so let the pool parties begin. [ laughter ] break out margaritas. >> nothing left. >> they really swim the guy is under water. bill: there is not enough chlorine in the world. reports the video is from thailand but hey could be at a local pool near you. that is reality check, pinheads and patriots up next tonight starring hillary clinton and rod blagojevich. blagojevich. right back with it. boss: so you've been doing a nice job out there helping people save money on car insurance.
11:53 pm
gecko: aw thank you, sir. boss: but i think there are a few other things you can say about what a reliable company geico is. gecko: right. uh, well maybe how geico's the third-largest car insurance company in america? nice tidbit there. boss: exactly. and i've been thinking, looking a bit more businesslike might help too. gecko: oh my. uhhh, no it's, what's, what's the word... vogeico. 15 minutes could save you 15 percent or more on car insurance.
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bill: time now for opinionheads and patriots. secretary of state hillary clinton is in africa trying to make everybody over there like us. let's go. ♪
11:56 pm
bill: for her strenuous effort, secretary clinton is a patriot. rod blagg blew off a little steam the other day. ♪ bill: i'd give him 10 years just for that. we continue to believe the former governor is a pinhead. finally tonight, the mailhouse predicted we are almost sold out of american patriot hats, but there are a few left. there they are. abyou can pre-order from a brand-new batch. "bold fresh" continues to hang tough. next sunday it will be number 10 on "the times" bestseller, 40 weeks on that list, driving them crazy. it's truly amazing and we thank
11:57 pm
of you for supporting the book. great beach read. about the parade story on what the president's life can teach children. barbara piper, lone tree, colorado. "i was disappointsed in the article. obama is the last person i want my durand daughter to look to for values." >> bill, outstanding article, parts should use it as a prime arer for their children. >> i find it unbelievable you would use obama as a role model. he is a lying egomaniac. jim from oregon. "bill, great article in "parade." i'm no fan, but his accomplishments are great lessons for children." daniel, from california. "sorry, bill, the article was wrong-headed. wise up. you have angered your base." >> i don't thing so. the article was directed toward children and everything written was true. my base wants the truth.
11:58 pm
steve chamber from tulsa, oklahoma. "your critics will be surprised about the positive lessons for kids." my most vehement critics don't care about kids, they simply hate me. they'll vent that hate no matter what i do. david from new jersey. "i participated in tea parties, i'm called a radical. i oppose government-run health care and my views are called manufactured. i thought i was an informed american." judith from wood river, nebraska. why is it that when the left protests, they are called community organizers, yet, when the right protests, they are an "angry mob?" "mr. o'reilly, your points about the health care town halls is right on. the polls tell a story. most americans now oppose obama-care." and gabrielle from lefttown, pennsylvania. i am 8 years old and love the factor, even know i don't understand half of it. don't worry, gab "elle," many adults don't understand any of
11:59 pm
it, but you are way ahead and thank you for watching "the factor" in lefttown, pennsylvania. it's the same as levittown, new york. how about with your website? there's the address. i can't say it. i better read it for people with bad sight.'reilly. i've been doing this for 13 years and i still can't say the address. it's ridiculous. pray for me. email us with pithy comments, name and town, name and town, if you wish to opine. when writing to us, here is the word of the daye. we're bringing back. do not be a popinjay. a lot of people think it's related to a bird. don't be a popinjay. look it up if you don't know it. the news continues 24/7 on bill o' check it out. we'll see all you premium


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